Utopia Data #1 - Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill”
What is User Generated Content?
Utopia Music saves Cinram Novum from insolvency in pre pack administration deal
Understanding Music Royalties Part II
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 19: Opening Your Mind Can Open Your Opportunities with Eli Ball
Understanding Music Royalties
Creator Branding Checklist
Understanding Music Copyrights
The Power of Successful Sync Placements
Utopia Music appoints Tracy Maraj as Chief People & Culture Officer
Utopia Music enters exclusive partnership with Red Bee Media
Lucas van Slegtenhorst joins Utopia Music as VP, Benelux
4 Tips to Be More Productive as a Producer
Utopia appoints Bastien Vidal as acting CFO and VP, Operational Finance
Identifying Your Artistic USP
Christine Pepe joins Utopia as VP, Business and Legals Affairs
TikTok Content: Authentic Ideas for Musicians in 2022
Utopia appoints Alexandra Sufit to lead the charge of its diversity, inclusion and equity efforts
Utopia grows Distribution Services with acquisition of Absolute Label Services
Steve Markland joins Utopia as VP for Nashville
Utopia Music establishes Royalty Management Services and welcomes Sentric Music Group
Rosa Asciolla joins Utopia as VP, Global Artist and Creator Community
Utopia acquires Proper Music Group
Rosa Martínez joins Utopia as Director, Spain
Great Habits of Solid Songwriters
How to Create a Great Song Layout
Utopia launches new Financial Services business unit
Tony Latham joins Utopia Music as Head of Investor Services
Utopia Music kicks off "Creator Services" with two key acquisitions
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 17: Exploring the metaverse with Miikka Rosendahl
4 Content Leveraging Tips for Creators
"Creator Rights" unlock new revenue sources for long-term growth
Rachel Kelly joins as Head of Australia
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 16: Erika Naponen on the Net Impact of the Music Industry
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 15: Andreas Spechtler
Yvan Boudillet joins as Head of Policy
Utopia Music acquisition of Lyric Financial
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 14: Paul Gathercole, CDO for Utopia Music
Paul Stuart joins as Chief Legal Officer
The Art of Diversifying Your Revenue Streams as a Creator
Utopia Music acquires Quincy Jones-backed emotional Artificial Intelligence company Musimap
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 13: Dario De Wet, State of MusicTech from an Investor point of view
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 12: Claire Rose on the PROs of PRS For Music
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 11: John Truelove and his love for music technology
5 Vital Pointers on Using Live Backing Tracks
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 10: Alexandre Perrin’s top tips for marketing for musicians
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 9: Vince Bannon, Looking at the Visuals of Music
Fair Pay for Every Play, Ep 8: Nona Hendryx - The Business of Music
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 7, Tony Van Veen — Top Tips for Independent Artists to Maximise Revenue
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 6, John Acquaviva and Ali Samadpour — NFTs: The Past, The Present and The Future
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 5, Richard Zijlma — Looking to the Past to Secure the Future of Live Events
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 4, Alfons Karabuda - Advocating Artistic Rights for All
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 3, Vito Ingrosso — How Vito Ingrosso Found Power in Performance and Regained Control over Contracts
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 2, Greg Marshall—How the AFEM Is Advocating for Fairer Royalty Payments for Performances of Electronic Music
Finding the Right Booking Agency
Fair Pay for Every Play: Episode 1, Göran Andersson — Can fair and transparent payments be achieved?
Introducing Utopia Podcast: Fair Pay for Every Play
Utopia Music AG and AFEM is partnering to bring Fair Pay for Every Play to the Music Industry
Pitching Your Music to Prospective Collaborators
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