4 Content Leveraging Tips for Creators

The days where one music video and a few press pictures on Instagram make up your entire content plan are over.

In order the attract new potential fans you need to take place on every platform as often as possible. The key is content leveraging. We came up with a few pointers:

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Plan ahead

In order to get the most out of your content production you need to schedule in enough time to actually make a plan. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that you lack the material to do the posts which you had in mind.

You have a release coming up? Write down your content ideas for every platform and find out which things you need to get done for the different formats.

Let’s take the example of a press photo shoot from which you want to post a behind the scenes video. Ask yourself the questions: Can I film it by myself? If not, is someone else available to handle this? Should we record in vertical or landscape and what does that mean in terms of making edits for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok?

Don’t be afraid

If you’re more the reserved type of artist which is rather trying to keep his Instagram profile minimalistic and a little bit mysterious, than you should stick to it.

Nevertheless overthinking is a huge factor that holds back a lot of talented newcomers. There is also a blessing in the need to be present on different platforms at the same time. You don’t feel like posting every second day on Instagram? That’s fine, because maybe you can get comfortable with TikTok on that end. Show a different aspect of your brand for each platform.

Be creative

The best thing about the rapid change of social media use by musicians is that there are no rules.

You think that you can make more than 20 edits of you music video for TikTok? Well, what holds you back? Post one every single day after the release!

Your track is entirely self-produced? Make a deconstruction video for YouTube with a shortened version for TikTok and maybe an Instagram carousel post with showing different parts from it.

You’re streaming on Twitch or YouTube? Why not go live on TikTok at the same time + produce an edit from the live stream for a regular YouTube upload.

Think long-term

Yes, the opportunities are almost endless, but it is very important to check if you’re actually able to get all these things done. Especially on a long-term basis! If people get hooked on one of your content formats (e.g. acoustic versions, deconstruction videos, behind the scenes vlogs) they most likely expect more of it and you need to be able to deliver.

Try out a few things to see which work the best and you feel most comfortable with. Then stick to it and keep producing the content regularly.