4 Tips to Be More Productive as a Producer

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Stepping up your output can be easy when following the right formula. We came up with 4 tips to increase your productivity as a producer.

Schedule your day

If you want to get things done, scheduling is absolutely essential. You can do it the traditional way, by writing your tasks on a piece of paper and putting it on your work desk or using one of the hundreds of apps available.

We recommend Todoist. It offers a free solution and an affordable premium tier and is a great tool to conveniently manage your tasks. Be it throughout the day, week, month, or even year.

Scheduling your day doesn’t only boost your productivity, it also prevents you from forgetting certain to-dos! Be it an email you wanted to send to your label, a beat you wanted to send to a singer, or a picture you wanted to post on Instagram.

Another positive side effect is how good it feels to mark a task as complete.

Use midis

Yes, it is always amazing when you come up with a new chord progression or lead melody from scratch, but it can also be time consuming. For a long time producers who used midi files were not taken seriously.

This trend has changed in the last few years. Producers can’t be on YouTube without seeing an ad that promotes the newest midi pack.

People who still feel bad using midi files should not forget that you can change midi compositions in any way possible. You don’t have to stick with the given progression or melody. Just change it up and make it your own.

Additionally, you can always save your original midi compositions from previous projects and reuse them for later creations. This brings us to our next pointer.

Save your own drum samples

Every producer knows that searching for the perfect kick or snare can take hours. Once you’ve found what you were looking for, you often start layering it with other samples and mixing them together to get the perfect sound. What many producers don’t realize is that they’re creating their own samples that way.

Why not curate your own libraries filled with drum samples that you know already worked in your previous songs? Once you’ve bounced a decent amount of your own drum samples, you’ll gradually start saving a tremendous amount of time by having the right drum sounds at your fingertips.

Get inspired fast

Similarly to using other musicians’ midi files, numerous producers deem unoriginal those creators who look for inspiration in other artists' songs.

We don’t think that this is the case. Looking for inspiration doesn’t automatically mean that someone is trying to copy another artist. It could just be the tempo, lead melody, chord progression, arrangement, or certain lyrical elements that spark the idea for your next single.

In terms of productivity, it’s obviously better to look for inspiration on YouTube or Spotify than sitting in front of your midi keyboard getting frustrated over your lack of inspiration.

Happy producing!