TikTok Content: Authentic Ideas for Musicians in 2022

By now it should be quite obvious that TikTok content is the way to go for organic growth. If you’re a music artist then you’ve most likely run into some colleagues who told you to not miss out on the opportunity.
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So you’ve created your account but quickly realize that the platform is filled with “trends” which everyone is following, hoping for the algorithm to give them a chance for that organic exposure. The fact that following trends doesn’t go well with the musician’s artistic integrity is a given.

So what type of TikTok content has proven to be working in favor of the platforms algorithm and the artist’s authenticity? Here are some examples:

Covers always worked

You have a band are a solo singer or even a rapper? Piggybacking on some popular songs that you actually like can be an awesome tool for exposure on TikTok. Just be aware that there are a lot of skilled musicians on the platform already doing covers. So if you decide to go with covers, be sure that they meet the quality standard.

Get creative with duets

Speaking of piggybacking, TikTok’s duet function is another great way for musicians for gaining reach. At the same time can also show off some level of creativity. If you for example find an upload with someone humming a melody you can put some chords underneath it, or even produce a full song out of it. Maybe you even find your next collaboration this way.

Deconstruct your song

This type of content is viewed as more of a nerdy producer niche topic. Nevertheless if you deconstruct your song in a really simple way, meaning not going in depth on your compressor setting, people might not only get hooked on your profile and follow you, but also check out the song on streaming services.

Tutorials - share your knowledge

Tutorials are big on TikTok. Why not showing your potential new follower how you come up with chord progressions, get a vintage drum sound or produce your vocals? As long as it is entertaining you should be fine.

Trends - But on Brand

Although we were bashing TikTok’s trends section in the beginning, it can be a helpful tool for exposure nevertheless. So if you swipe through TikTok and find a recent trend that could be on brand with your artist image, you should definitely try to get a TikTok done. The problem with trends is that they can backfire on you. A lot of musicians try to follow every trend which potential new fans will find unauthentic.