Utopia Music AG and AFEM is partnering to bring Fair Pay for Every Play to the Music Industry

In this episode of Fair Pay for Every Play by Utopia, host Kristian Luoma sits down with the General Manager for AFEM has always advocated for positive changes in one of the most active and innovative parts of the music industry, the electronic one. AFEM member companies represent the entire music industry within electronic music, from Labels to Live, Managers to Media, Retail to Rightsholders, Technology to Talent Agencies. And they work effortfully to improve the industry we are all part of.
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Therefore, we are delighted to announce this partnership and contribute to their ongoing work for copyright causes throughout the industry.

”Partnering with AFEM is an excellent opportunity for us to show the industry what we can achieve together. Like, AFEM, we are on the mission to help the music industry become more fair and transparent. Like us at Utopia, AFEM works with everyone, all the way from labels and managers to artists to bring innovations and positive impact to the entire industry.”

Markku Mäkeläinen, CEO of Utopia Music AG

“I am excited to welcome Utopia Music as a new member of AFEM. We look forward to working closely with the team to support the vision of global music usage tracking and accurate revenue attribution for the creators and rightsholders of electronic music and beyond” Greg Marshall, General Manager, AFEM”

Greg Marshall, General Manager of AFEM

We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together! More great news to be expected — stay tuned!

About AFEM

AFEM is the trade association created to connect, and represent the common interests of, those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Music. We are governed by a democratically elected Executive Board of our members and seek to advocate best practice for the genre.

Founded in 2013, AFEM membership now includes more than 220 company members across 25 countries.

About Utopia Music AG

Utopia Music is an independent technology company on a mission to create a platform to help artists, writers, publishers, labels, funds, and collection societies to receive fair pay for every play of their music. Utopia leverages accurate data at scale to unlock the value in music through increased revenues, reduced cost, accelerated payment cycles, and improved insights.

Utopia Music is Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and has offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, and London. Utopia Music technology captures millions of plays daily. Utopia Music is Creating a Better World for Music with Fair Pay for Every Play.