Music Investor Services

The best-in-class tech and data solutions for music investors to enable improved decision making and significantly increase profitability

Solutions for Music Investors

Professional Services

Enable decisions and manage risks when acquiring new copyright assets

  • Deeper understanding of current and future value of copyright assets (songs)
  • Analysis and financial planning for pipeline revenues
  • Understanding irregularities of payment cycles
  • Contract expertises (e.g. copyrights ownership, contract terms/expirations, regional limitations)

Consumption Analysis

  • Gain better understanding of global consumption of songs
  • Analysis of historical song plays
  • Identifying how the value of a catalogue may behave in the future

Gap Analysis

  • Identifying financial opportunities (gaps) and future pipeline income to be collected for a catalogue
  • Translating when and how royalty pipelines should flow
  • Estimating the unpaid royalties in your portfolio
  • Simplification and maximisation of income statement information
  • Framing the forensic-evidence-based ground for your extra payments requests to collecting societies

"Investing in music is difficult due to the opaque nature of the data and the qualitative aspects of a song. Utopia provides the tools that have completely streamlined the analysis with incredible accuracy with their data technology. I have never had access to such powerful andadvanced data tools over the course of my career."

- Andy Gershon
Executive former Artist manager (Smashing Pumpkins, Bryan Ferry)
and Major label CEO

Investing in Music can be challenging

Investors acquiring catalogues today are sometimes doing so in a world of data deficiencies and unknown assumptions.

This is due to data gap that exists in the industry: collection societies, publishers and labels are working with broken metadata and don’t have access to real-time consumption data.

Utopia brings solutions to address thisproblem by closing the gap and unlockingvalue in music.


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