Utopia for distributors is there to help with both digital and physical distribution services. We also support music matching and metadata tagging.

Faster Royalty Payments

Utopia Accelerate provides a fully automated solution to deliver Accelerated Royalties to your customers

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Creators and their teams have always had difficulty accessing regular financial services, something other industries take for granted. Utopia solves this problem with Accelerate, the only fully automated, data driven tool, enabling you to serve your customers with faster royalty payments based on their earnings.

Benefits of working with Utopia

• Utopia’s simple integration enables you to deploy this financing solution as fast as in a matter of weeks

• Our solution enables you to deliver more and faster royalties - available to creators earning over $250 a month.

• We offer competitive rates - create a new revenue stream at zero risk: Utopia finances and underwrites all of them

• Creators love the service: Providing accelerated royalties increases average service retention by 24 months.

• Deliver an unlimited number of faster royalties a month

• Create a new revenue stream at zero risk

• Increased service retention and brand value

• Artists can get their funds in 2 - 48 hours

• Fully-automated funding with no manual LODs