Empowering Artists To Create Great Music

Utopia is a one of a kind platform destined to transform the music industry. We are a modern music label and a publisher with a formula to find, develop and catapult the greatest artists in today’s competitive world. We do this by leveraging cutting edge technology to help increase reach, relevance, and profitability for our artists.

Our platform gives us a unique insight in what is being played around the world and how fans want to interact with artists they love. The goal is always to be the first to know what artists and music genres are gaining popularity in the world. Across all streaming services, radio stations, and social networks.

We are passionate about building lifelong fan bases with genuine connections to the artists. Through this, we help create inspired and prosperous artists and empower them to make great music for this world.

Real Time Encore Marketing

In today's world old school "spray and pray" marketing is obsolete. Innovative companies have perfected digital performance marketing down to a science. Businesses are moving too fast and there is no time for guesswork. Nor are there massive budgets for expensive and inefficient traditional marketing channels.

At Utopia Music, we strive to be excellent at everything we do, including how we market our artists. All data we collect enables us to be the best in the industry. When we run campaigns for our artists, we can see the results in real time, and are able to adapt and optimize every step of the funnel.

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We are looking for likeminded people who want to make a difference and be a part of something great. If you have drive and want to work with rockstars, then you will feel right at home at Utopia Music

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