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Transform Your YouTube Royalties into Greater Profits.

Achieve full clarity on YouTube rights, unraveling who claims what. Dive deep into your YouTube content, ensuring clarity and maximized revenue.

Track rights, uncover potential discrepancies, and extract maximum value from their catalogs.

Maximize and secure your mechanical royalties with our dedicated team.

Maximize and secure your mechanical royalties with our dedicated team.

  • Free Catalog Audit: Discover untapped revenue without signing obligation.
  • Mechanical Rights Collection: We claim and collect your YouTube Mechanical rights in US & Canada.
  • Data Enrichment: We enrich your repertoire with ISRC and ISWC to maximize royalty collection.
  • Conflict Management: We manage and resolve your conflicts with 3rd parties in the US & Canada, continuously unlocking royalty collection.
  • Regular Payments: Receive consistent monthly payments, always keeping you updated with your YouTube royalties.
  • Reporting & Dashboards: Access your statements and visualize revenue and conflict dashboards, for a more comprehensive and transparent view over of your YouTube royalties.
  • Unlimited access to Track'n'Claim SaaS.
Track your rights. Optimize revenues.

Track your rights. Optimize revenues.

  • Advanced YouTube Search: Locate assets or videos using unique identifiers, from YouTube ID to ISRC and ISWC.
  • Snapshot Creation: Capture real-time data of music assets or YouTube videos. Understand claims status by rights type and by country.
  • Worldwide Overview: Traverse an interactive map, drawing out instant regional insights for your content on YouTube.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Dive deep into asset details, spanning Sound Recordings, Music Videos, Composition Shares, and more.
  • Bulk Snapshot Utility: Supercharge your operations, creating snapshots in bulk for an array of videos or assets.
  • Data Export: Easily transfer your results, sharing them professionally in a PDF format.