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Beat the paradox of choice with Utopia's advanced AI music recommendation engine.

Create track, artist, radio station, playlist recommendation and continuation.

Utopia fuses Artificial Intelligence and Music Intelligence together to create a high level of recommendation accuracy thanks to the precision of audio similarity identification and user preference profiling.

Discover smart music recommendations with AI.

Discover smart music recommendations with AI.

  • Unlock the value of your music and overrides the paradox of choice.
  • Fuse the understanding of emotions in the music and the current mood of the listener.
  • Create the most personalized playlist continuation, track and radio station recommendations for listeners.
  • Match and discover a wide range of music that fits the listeners mood in the moment.
  • Recommend similar playlists and digital radio stations that the listener will actually like.
  • Fuse the speed of computer processing and the human understanding of emotions detected in the music matching the mood of the listener.

Discover AI demo coming soon!