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Utopia for publishers_

Grow music consumption, manage releases and streamline communication with data driven solutions and accelerated royalty payments.

Utopia empowers you to grow your business with white-label data products and management tools. Provide your clients with access to comprehensive cross-platform analytics, recommendations and funds to elevate their career to the next level.

Accelerate for publishers_

Accelerate for publishers_

Deliver accelerated royalty payments.

Accelerate enables publishers to empower creators and rights holders with the financial autonomy they need to succeed in their career.

Deliver more and faster accelerated royalty payments based on historical royalty data through a risk-free and fully automated process.

Benefits of working with Utopia:

  • No risk.
  • No manual work.
  • Quick and efficient process to request accelerated royalties anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast and secure payments.
  • Zero copyright ownership loss.
  • Zero effect to the credit score.
HeartBeat for publishers_

HeartBeat for publishers_

The companion app for the music industry.

HeartBeat is Utopia's white label cross platform analytics and collaboration platform empowering publishers with data products and management tools, including:

  • State of the art analytics tools to benchmark and improve your client's performance on DSPs and Social Media.
  • Increased efficiency with in-app messaging designed for artists, and teams communication.
  • Amplify your image with a sleek branded dashboard and social media shareables.
  • Offer a free branded mobile app to your clients with data access and milestone sharing.
  • Optimize your pitching process with personalized recommendations towards playlists, artists, and more, which align with your client's unique sound.
Track'n'Claim for publishers_

Track'n'Claim for publishers_

Track your rights. Optimize revenues.

Track'n'Claim Admin Service

Our expert team can reveal the full potential of your YouTube earnings on your behalf. Every potential royalty is identified, claimed, solving conflicts and ensuring what you are owed. Regular payments and detailed dashboards provide transparency, while our team smooths out the complexities of music rights on YouTube for you.

Track'n'Claim SaaS

Gain access to your YouTube rights, ensuring you never miss a claim. Dive deep into your content, uncover discrepancies, and optimize revenues with precision. See your claims globally with an interactive world map and track rights seamlessly using our sophisticated tools. From advanced searches to real-time snapshots, be empowered to maximize the value of your catalog.

Utopia Radio Monitoring for publishers_

Utopia Radio Monitoring for publishers_

Delivering invaluable and detailed data for auditing your royalties.

Reach the full potential of your marketing efforts with Utopia’s Radio Monitoring. Gain invaluable marketing insights and ensure optimal royalty forecasting and claims management.

  • Accurate data: Gain clarity on where, when and for how long a song has been played on radio
  • Play-per-play reports which are downloadable in a variety of formats
  • Recognition under 5 sec
  • Fast and reliable streamlined process