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An exceptionally tailored music experience for your listeners.

This music intelligence product profiles your users' behavior so you can discover how their musical and emotionally driven choices connect.

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Powered by Utopia's Artificial Intelligence and 25+ years of scientific research.

Utopia Profile can:

  • Use the Myers Briggs Indicator (MBTI) as a self-analysis report, indicating your different users' psychological preferences with how they perceive the world and make decisions which are reflected in their music choices.
  • Automatically analyse music your users love or find out what music resonates the most with your users.
  • Looks beyond preferences and behavior to recommend the perfect track to fit user's emotional profile.

How can Utopia Profile help me?

  • Serves as a baseline to produce unique recommendations to match your users' future listening behavior.
  • Gives insight as to the motivation behind your listeners' music choices.
  • Generates a full downloadable report on each listener's playlist.
  • Gives you insight to what different types of listeners respond and emotionally connect to.
  • Matches your sync music to your target audience.
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