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Utopia for labels_

Distribute and manage releases while understanding and growing music consumption.

Utopia serves as a growth partner for labels. We work closely with our customers to develop advanced data-driven solutions. Our mission is to unlock the value of music through accelerated payment cycles, distribution services, and analytics, recommendations and collaboration tools.

Accelerate for labels_

Accelerate for labels_

Deliver accelerated royalty payments.

Accelerate enables labels to empower artists with the financial autonomy they need to succeed in their careers.

Deliver accelerated royalty payments based on historical royalty data through a risk-free and fully automated process.

Benefits of working with Utopia:

  • No risk.
  • No manual work.
  • Quick and efficient process to request accelerated royalties anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast and secure payments.
  • Zero copyright ownership loss.
  • Zero effect to the credit score.
Distribution for labels_

Distribution for labels_

Grow your music reach with Proper Music Group.

Utopia facilitates seamless physical music distribution, enhancing quality, efficiency, and transparency for broader reach. Utopia's distribution capabilities give you access to over 100 digital platforms to fully share your music. Apart from increasing the reach of your music, you can also benefit from better and deeper insights into your music sales and performance thanks to the simple and clear access to all your distribution data.

  • Digitally delivered over 2 million releases to date
  • We partner with over 100 Digital Service Providers
  • Over 8 billion streams annually
  • Currently providing distribution services to over 1,800 labels and more than 50,000 artists

With the exponential increase of digital music consumption across a high number of platforms, delivering releases quickly is key to growing your audience and seizing new opportunities to grow your income and your footprint.

Enhance AI for labels_

Enhance AI for labels_

Unlock the value of your music with our AI powered music intelligence metadata tagging engine.

A dual AI powered music metadata tagging engine which analyzes the audio, lyrics and multiple languages from musical moods, genres, situations, themes etc. adding 300+ metadata tags per track. This can increase track searchability and discoverability which is crucial to even out music catalog consumption.

Enhance Audio can help record labels by enhancing music catalogs with comprehensive metadata. This makes it easier to identify the best-matched songs for sync music purposes. Additionally, it promotes songs for digital distribution to increase consumption.

Enhance Lyrics is an advanced lyric and language analysis tool which can analyze keywords and 9+ languages simultaneously to produce highly specific search results.

HeartBeat for labels_

HeartBeat for labels_

The companion app for labels.

HeartBeat is Utopia's white label cross platform analytics and collaboration platform empowering labels with data products and management tools, including:

  • State of the art analytics tools to benchmark and improve your roster's performance on DSPs and Social Media.
  • Increased efficiency with in-app messaging designed for artists, teams, and label communication.
  • Amplify your label image with a sleek branded dashboard and social media shareables.
  • Offer a free branded mobile app to your roster with data access and milestone sharing.
  • Optimize your pitching process with personalized recommendations towards playlists, artists, and more, which align with your roster's unique sound.
Utopia Radio Monitoring for labels_

Utopia Radio Monitoring for labels_

The most accurate radio monitoring platform in the market.

Maximize your outreach with Utopia Radio Monitoring, your key to uncovering new audiences and optimizing marketing strategies in near real-time ROI assessments.

Fueled by cutting-edge AI technology, Radio Monitoring achieves an impressive 99% identification rate, ensuring unparalleled precision in its performance.